Frequently asked questions


What’s is the best time of year to visit Slovakia?

Well that depends what you’re visiting Slovakia to do, and what type weather do prefer. Slovakia enjoys warm summers (May to September), which is perfect for exploring the cities or the countryside. Winters are cold and there will be lots of snow, which is when the winter sports enthusiasts arrive!

Which hotels do Total Slovakia collaborating with?

We only work with the best hotels in the country, most of which are 4 and 5 stars. However we are also collaborating with private chalet and apartment landlords in order to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

What language is spoken in Slovakia?

Slovakia has its own language, called Slovak. People tend top think that it’s similar to Russian, and while it does share some common phraseology, Slovak is actually more similar to Croatian or Polish. English is spoken in many places in Slovakia, and at all major hotels and tourist destinations. The frequency of English use reduces as you move East; it’s very common in Bratislava abut less so in the Eastern regions.

Do I need special visa for entering to the country?
Depending on nationality, a visa might be required to come to Slovakia. However, that visa actually grants access to the Shenzhen region, of which Slovakia is a part. It’s always best to confirm visa requirements with your Embassy, but the team at Total Slovakia can help you with such enquiries.
What is the summer like in Slovakia?

European summers are very pleasant with average temperatures in the high twenties, which is perfect for being outdoors and exploring the many attractions on offer.

Is Slovakia a safe place for a woman?

Slovakia is among the safety countries in Europe. While we would always recommend caution with respect to personal possessions and visitor movements late at night, Slovakia does not present any unique or specific threats to any other tourist destination. Be sensible, plan ahead and take all necessary precautions, and your trip should be free of worry with regard to crime.

What is the currency in Slovakia?

Slovakia is a member of the European Union, and therefor the national currency is the Euro.

Is it possible to accommodate my special diet requirements?

We know how important it is for our customers to be able to follow their specific diet, and we can accommodate any particular requirements.