Nowadays, in one way or another we all have mobile applications of all kinds on our smartphones and we also use them when we travel. The apps to explore cities when we are traveling make it easier for us to organize the trip efficiently, leaving free time to improvise if we want.

The reality is that we depend on our cell phone for many things, from communicating with our partner, friends and family, to finding information about recommended tourist sites, ordering food on a delivery platform or enjoying streaming or music.

For this reason, as in Total Slovakia articles, we have talked about essential travel apps, and now it is time to talk about the best apps to explore cities when traveling abroad. The recommendation we give, as experts in travel organizations, is to download them before starting the trip and thus test them and configure them to your needs in order not to waste time when you arrive at the destination country of your vacation.


Recommended apps to explore cities

As with any kind of technology, there are many apps to explore cities, so in this article we have made a selection of four. Of course, some of them you have already downloaded, such as Instagram, which allows you to geolocate the photos, videos and Reels that are published and will help you to decide beforehand which places you like or find more attractive.


Spotted by Locals

First of all, we want to talk about Spotted by Locals, which is a free travel app that helps to improve the experience of tourists. How does it do this? It is a travel guide editor available for use in more than 80 cities in Europe and America and the good thing about it is that the recommendations are provided by the locals themselves.

We already know that recommendation marketing is used by many hospitality brands, restaurants or entertainment venues to promote themselves. Reviews on platforms such as Tripadvisor are an interesting guide when we want to travel to a new city and we need opinions from tourists and travelers who have been there before.

Well, Spotted by Locals (available on Android and iOS) works with recommendations from locals of the cities included in the app. Who knows a city better than its own inhabitants? Tourist reviews are very valid, but recommendations from locals are also very good to know, first hand, what awaits us in our destination. 

And if you are wondering if Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is available in this app, the answer is yes. Check it out by downloading the app and browsing the profiles of the so-called Slovak spotters.


Nearify – Discover Events

The second of the best apps to explore new cities that we recommend is Nearify – Discover Events, free and available for Android and iOS devices. What is the highlight of this app? It lets you know what events and concerts are held in each city, with all the necessary information.

This is an ideal leisure mobile app for travelers and tourists interested in going to music concerts and other cultural events, thanks to the fact that it works with geolocation and sends notifications so that you never miss an event.


Like a Local

Thirdly, another of the most interesting apps for exploring new cities to download before a trip is Like a Local (free and available on Android and iOS, like the previous two).

Like a Local is a very complete app in terms of the information included by its users, as well as the number of cities included. What information does it include about tourist destinations?

For example, the most popular tourist tours in each city, locations and information on restaurants, bars, cafes, stores, etc.. A whole set of data and reviews that will be of great help.



As experts in organizing tailor-made experiences in Slovakia customized for each client, we couldn’t leave GoSlovakia out of this list of apps for exploring new cities. 

This mobile app allows tourists traveling to Slovakia to get to know tourist sites, traditional regional and local products, attractions, natural areas and much more. Therefore, we also include it.

What did you think of these four apps for exploring cities that we recommend? The best thing to do is to download one or more and try them, learning by doing is the basis of learning for many people who prefer to experiment by themselves. If you are like this too, what are you waiting for? Put these mobile apps on your smartphone and enjoy your next trip!