After several years in which the tourism sector has been hit hard by the pandemic, this summer tourists and professionals are regaining optimism in summer travel opportunities. In fact, the travel trends for summer 2023 are proof of this.

We love to travel and many travel lovers are looking for new experiences to have a dream vacations. What are the best places to travel this summer 2023? What are the best European destinations for an unforgettable summer season?

As experts in delivering high quality, personalized travel experiences, we at Total Slovakia will sum up this question with some of the trends in tourism in summer 2023 that you need to take note of. Because Europe has a lot to offer and is shaping up to be the destination of choice for the coming months.


Travel trends in summer 2023

The challenge is to grow beyond the tourism data we have from the summer of 2019, which was the summer before the pandemic hit. Since that time, consumer habits in all parts of the world have changed in many respects. And when it comes to travel, both travel destinations and travelers have changed as well.

Proof of this are the following travel trends for this summer, ranging from making better personal connections to environmental sustainability and having experiences that bring values that fill the spirit.


Connecting with destination communities

A trend that will be followed in major tourist destinations in the summer of 2023 will be to seek greater connection with local communities. The way it is being demonstrated is that more sightseeing tours and excursions are being requested, yet the desire to roam freely where the spirit takes us remains.

In fact, one of the conclusions of the Viator Experience Awards 2023 is that American tourists are more attracted to historical tours in destination countries. And for this, what could be better than cruising the Greek Islands; wandering through countries like Italy and cities like Rome; or through France to learn about the history of Paris; or enjoying a Tailor-made experience in Slovakia and getting to know Bratislava, the most visited city in Slovakia?


The Eurail renaissance: the romanticism of rail travel

In line with the desire to connect with communities and to discover the history of a location, there is also a renaissance in Eurail and discovering Europe by train. In fact, this is a notable tourism trend in the summer of 2023 for those looking for a relaxed, unhurried trip to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Among the reasons for the resurgence of interest in train travel in European countries (France, Italy, Austria…) are the possibility of overnight journeys and improved infrastructure. It’s predicted that this trend will continue over the next few years and not just this summer.


Increasing use of electric transport for individual journeys

We would also like to talk to you about sustainable tourism and the increasing use of electric transport such as electric motorbikes or electric scooters. One example is mountain biking in the Alps, a growing trend.

And another is that in European tourist cities, such as Barcelona in Spain, or the cycle routes in northern Slovakia on the Dunajec River which borders Poland, sustainable transport and nature trails are seeing more and more visitors, especially young people.


Tour packages that add value for travelers

Finally, beyond this summer and for the coming years, another tourism trend is expected to be the search for packages or tours that add value to travelers, and which are closely related to the tastes and interests of the tourist.

This is because lifestyles are changing, tourism is no longer what it used to be for many people and many feel that the destination should be related to their way of seeing life for the best possible experience. This is similar to consumers buying products from companies with values similar to their own.


So these are some of the travel trends for summer 2023. Not forgetting, of course, that among the best destinations to travel to this summer 2023 are the European countries with the most History, including Slovakia. Now that you know, why not take a look at  Total Slovakia’s service offer and plan a tailor-made and unique experience?