The Tatra Mountains, with their stunning peaks and beautiful lakes, are a hiker’s true paradise. While exploring this picturesque region, you’ll come across some charming cottages and chalets that offer not only a place to rest but also delicious food and beverages.

Here are Total Slovakia’s top 5 cottages/chalets you must visit while hiking in the Tatra Mountains!

Chata pri Zelenom Plese (Cottage by the Green Lake): Located beside the peaceful Zelené Pleso, Chata pri Zelenom Plese gives hikers a chance to enjoy traditional Slovak culinary delights and take in the stunning Tatra mountain views. This charming cottage is known for its diverse menu, celebrating the rich heritage of the region while offering customers a dining experience paired with the Tatra Mountains natural beauty.


Téryho Chata (Téry’s cottage): Nestled in the picturesque Mlynická Valley, is a big hit for hiking enthusiasts. Its dining environment complements the Slovak gastronomic journey that customers embark on, enjoying traditional flavours that reflect the region’s heritage. This cottage is a key rendezvous for those seeking a well-needed break on their hike up the Tatra Mountains.


Zamkovského Chata (Zamovsky Cottage): Situated near Hrebienok, serves as a strategic stop for passionate High Tatras explorers. The cottage gives off an alpine charm, providing a beautiful setting to complement the breathtaking natural surroundings. Customers are treated to a diverse and enticing menu that seamlessly blends the flavours of Slovak and international cuisine.

Sliezsky Dom (Slimy House): Located near a majestic backdrop of the Velická Valley, Sliezsky Dom is celebrated for its captivating natural setting. This cottage’s menu showcases the culinary expertise of the region, offering a variety of Slovak and global delights to satisfy all visitor’s tastebuds. It combines fine dining with stunning views, creating an unforgettable experience in the heart of the High Tatras.


Chata Pod Rysmi (Cottage Below Rysy Peak): Resting beneath the towering Rysy peak, gives a warm welcome to hikers in need of food and drink. This essential cottage is a safe place for those taking on the challenging journey to or from Rysy, the High Tatras’ highest pinnacle. Customers find comfort in the cottage’s hospitality as they recharge with snacks and warm food, ensuring they have stamina and a full stomach on their journey across the Rysy landscape.


These cottages do not only offer a break for tired hikers but also a chance to enjoy the unique flavours of Slovak cuisine while having the magnificent Tatra Mountains as the backdrop. So, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the charm of these mountain rest stops on your next hiking adventure in the beautiful region.

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