Are you one of those people who plans a trip according to the number of days you are going to spend in the destination country and want to make the most of every day? Perfect, because in this article we’re going to tell you what to see in Slovakia in three days. Slovakia has a lot to offer, and in 72 hours you’ll be able to get a great sense of all this country has to offer.

And don’t get the impression that travelling all over the country, from east to west and north to south, is going to be impossible. Slovakia is a beautiful country with a lot of history: castles, nature, gastronomy… All of this is possible to enjoy if you spend three days in Slovakia and follow an itinerary like the one we are about to suggest.

Are you ready to travel, with your camera in hand, to capture the best shots and breathe the aroma of a country that is small in size but big in spirit? Get ready for a unique experience, highly recommended for small groups, and a tailor-made experience in Slovakia with friends or family.

Three-day Itinerary in Slovakia

Here is a summary of what you can see in Slovakia in three days, and we are sure you will want to see more. The start and end of the trip will be in Bratislava.


Day 1: Bratislava and the medieval town of Banska Stiavnica

You will start your tour in Bratislava, Slovakia’s most visited city. Built on the Danube River, here’s what you can see in Bratislava in one day:

  • Start from the old town at Michael’s Gate, which is the last remnant of the city’s medieval era, when Bratislava was fortified and there were four gates to enter or leave.
  • From St. Michael’s Gate, you can reach the catacombs under Martin’s Cathedral in just a few minutes. In the catacombs you will have a spectacular experience, walking through the narrow corridors of the crypts.
  • Next, get back into the light of Bratislava with a visit to Hlavne Namestie Square, the centre of the old town, where you can stroll around and buy souvenirs and mementos. And be sure to appreciate the beauty of the Roland Fountain.
  • After seeing Bratislava’s old town hall, we recommend a visit to the Hall of Mirrors in the Primate’s Palace, which was built in the 18th century.
  • Finally, a day trip to Bratislava can end with a visit to Bratislava Castle, located on Castle Hill. Visiting Bratislava Castle takes about 30 minutes and from the top of the hill you can watch the sunset before heading off for dinner and ending your first day in Slovakia.

After seeing the capital, the next stop is Banska Stiavnica, just a short two-hour drive away. In five hours or so, you can easily see the best sights of Banska Stiavnika, a mining town which, like the other towns on Day 2 of our itinerary, is a World Heritage Site.


Day 2: Slovak Unesco World Heritage Cities

For the second day in Slovakia, we propose a visit to several Slovak Unesco heritage cities, such as Levoĉa (medieval town) and Spis Castle. To help decide, we can give you a few suggestions. You can go to both sites or choose one of them. But due to the proximity between the two places (only 19 kilometers), it is best to go first to Levoĉa and from there to the castle before starting the third day.


  • The medieval town of Levoĉa is located in the Prešov region and is the birthplace of the famous master carver Paul, who is the author of the wooden altar in Jacob’s Church. Levoĉa has been a World Heritage City since 2009 as an extension of the next destination: Spis.
  • Spis Castle is the largest medieval castle in Slovakia, an unmissable tourist attraction for the new travel trends in which historical tours are gaining ground.
  • To make the most of the day, it is also advisable to travel from Spis to the town of Bardejov, which is also a World Heritage Site. Located some 80 kilometers away, it began as a settlement in the 10th century. Its historic center consists mainly of the Town Hall Square. If time permits, visit the School Bastion and the Monastery Bastion, as well as the Gothic church of St. Egidia (15th century).


Day 3: High Tatras and back to Bratislava

Our itinerary around Slovakia in three days concludes with a trip from Bardejov to the High Tatras, about a two-hour drive. These are Slovakia’s most famous and touristy mountains, also known as the High Tatras National Park.

It has been a Unesco Biosphere Reserve since 1993. There you can take a cable car with breathtaking views and go for a scenic hike around its lakes, such as Strbske or Skalnate. It may be difficult to choose between the more than one hundred lakes found in the HighTatra Mountains.

And after a full day in this paradise (the trip to the Low Tatras will have to be left for another day), it’s time to return to Bratislava, where we began our three day tour summarizing some of the best that Slovakia has to offer.