Surely, one of the most common searches about any tourist destination is to know curiosities or interesting facts. Curiosities about Slovakia are essential for those who have planned a trip to this central European country in order to arrive, so to speak, with their homework done.

In this sense, we can find historical curiosities or other interesting facts about the culture of Slovakia as a country. In any destination there are unique historical facts that set them apart from the rest. Tourism in Slovakia is much more interesting when one knows these facts, which we would like to summarize in 5 curiosities that you probably didn’t know.

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Curiosities about Slovakia that you didn’t know

There are many more than the ones listed below, which are a selection of the most interesting ones we can find. For example, did you know that Andy Warhol’s parents, Andrej Warhola and Julia Warhola, were from north-eastern Slovakia?


The world’s tallest wooden altar is in Levoĉa

It is difficult or almost impossible to go to a country where there are no churches or cathedrals. But in the town of Levoĉa (specifically, in the Church of St. Jacob),we find the tallest wooden altar in the world, the work of Master Paul. Its structure is almost 19 meters high and, as another curiosity, it has no nails.

This is one of the cities we have mentioned in this article on what to see in Slovakia in 3 days, a must for lovers of quality tourism.


Bratislava, the only capital city in the world that borders two countries

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is located in the southwest of the country and has the honor of being the only capital in the world that borders two countries, Austria and Hungary. So, if after traveling to Bratislava you feel like traveling to another country when your trip to Slovakia ends in Bratislava, it’s the easiest thing in the world.

The capital of Austria, Vienna, is about an hour’s drive away and depending on the exact route, you may have to pay some tolls to get to the Austrian capital. A unique opportunity to visit two beautiful European capitals in close proximity.


 It has the largest statue of a horse in the world

Another curious fact about Slovakia is that it has the world’s tallest statue of a horse (about nine meters high), which is located in the Sports and Congress Centre in the town of Šamorín-Cilistov. It is a beautiful statue made of stainless steel that surprises all tourists.

Those who are curious to visit it can do so easily from Bratislava: Šamorín-Cilistov is just over 20 minutes by car, about 25 kilometers away.


The Krásnohorská Cave has a 34-metre high natural column

Slovakia is a country with more than 6,000 caves, so it is logical that one of them has a curiosity to tell. And indeed it does: in the Krásnohorská cave there is a 34-meter-high karst geological column, the highest in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Do you want to go and see it? Well, it is just over 8 kilometers from Bratislava, south of the Danube River. Close enough to be easily amazed by this wonder of nature. Bear in mind that these formations called stalagmites and stalactites are very common in caves all over the world.


Home of the oldest toy in Central Europe

Slovakia’s culture is very rich, as is its cuisine. Proof of this is that at an archaeological site near Košice, the oldest toy in the world was found: a four-wheeled handcart in a child’s grave dating from around 1600 BC.

An archaeological treasure that, if you are an adult, will surely remind you of the toys of your childhood, so different from the modern technology of your children’s or young relatives’ toys.


These are just 5 curiosities about Slovakia, which serve as an example of all it has to offer as a tourist destination for its culture, its history, its landscapes and all its beauty. Are they an incentive that encourages you to discover this country? We hope so.