It’s impossible to deny: we all love gastronomy and savoring the typical dishes of the vacation destinations we travel to. As can be easily imagined, in a continent as old and varied as Europe, the variety is enormous. For this reason, in this article we are going to talk about the 5 typical dishes of Slovakia that you have when traveling in this country.

Slovak cuisine has many delicacies for all kinds of tastes and times of the year. The typical Slovak dishes that we are going to describe in this Total Slovakia article are examples of this, as we are going to include Christmas dishes in case you travel at Christmas.

Take good note of the following traditional Slovak dishes, which will go straight to your palate and your best memories on your next trip to this beautiful country. And remember that we have already published articles that will interest you like this one with the five curiosities about Slovakia that surely surprise you!


Slovak Dumplings

First of all, we want to talk about Slovak Dumplings, which are small stuffed dumplings similar to pies. As with many other types of typical dishes, there is no single variety of these dumplings, yet among the most well-known and tasty Slovak Dumplings recipes are the following two:

  • Bryndzové pirohy: to cook them, you need flour, and a thin potato dough wrapped around grated potatoes and bryndza, which is a traditional Slovak sheep cheese. They should be prepared in a half-moon shape, until they are golden brown and very crispy on the outside. When it is time to serve them, tradition dictates that they should be topped with fried bacon, chives and a spoonful of sour cream.
  • Parené buchty: the main ingredients of this second recipe are flour, yeast, butter, milk, eggs, vanilla and lemon. The soft dough is filled with plum jam with rum, plus a good portion of melted butter or vanilla-based sauce. To finish, poppy seeds are sprinkled on top.


Slovak Sausages  

The second typical dish of Slovakia is homemade sausages (domáce klobásy), which are prepared with pork meat, garlic, sweet red pepper, salt, black pepper, caraway and pork casings. It is prepared by passing the meat through a mincer and then adding all the above-mentioned ingredients.

Slovak sausages are spicier than other sausage varieties such as Hungarian or German. So keep your eyes open for a place that prepares homemade food and don’t be either vegan or vegetarian!


Haluski Slovak

Third, we recommend Haluski Slovak, which is a meatless recipe for the days of Lent. Among the ingredients for cooking Haluski Slovak recipe are egg noodles, salted butter, chopped yellow onion, shredded cabbage, salt and ground black pepper.


Slovak Goulash

We continue with our typical Slovak dishes with Slovak Goulash, which is slow-cooked stewed beef with tomato pieces of vegetables. This flavorful dish is usually accompanied with ground paprika.

The traditional Slovak Goulash soup includes ingredients such as dried oregano, garlic cloves, butter, water and potatoes. As you can imagine, it is a hearty dish, which will leave you well satiated.


Slovak Christmas Cookies

What country in the world doesn’t have Christmas recipes that will delight young and old alike? Slovakia, of course, has its own Slovak Christmas Cookies which you should try if you travel to this country at Christmas time.

Among other Slovak Christmas Cookies recipes, we highlight the Srdieĉka cookies or walnuts (oriešky), which are very popular in Slovak cuisine and, above all, at Christmas parties.


In conclusion, these five examples of typical Slovak dishes are just a small sample of the cuisine that this country offers to its citizens and visitors. You can’t miss the opportunity to try some of them or ask for more recommendations on your next trip, for example, with the Group Holidays to Slovakia service that we offer so that you can live the best experience in this country, a treasure of Central Europe whose traditional kitchens await you.