One of the biggest inconveniences you can have when you travel is that you don’t have time to see everything you have planned. To prevent this from happening, it is important to optimize your time with good planning in which there is time for organized activities or excursions, as well as an equal amount of free time.

When planning a trip, therefore, it is necessary to follow a series of tips to save time when traveling in an unfamiliar country. And while it is true that in every country there is a lot to see, planning has to be based on the time available and the budget you have.

With this in mind, although on another occasion in Total Slovakia we have dealt with the specific question of How To Plan a Trip , we are going to focus on how to optimize time during a trip once it has already begun. This is the best way to make variations on the fly or reorganize it for whatever reason.


5 tips to make the most of your time when traveling

Holidays are there to be enjoyed, so you can take note of the following 5 tips to make the most of your time on your next trip. They are obviousl factors to take into account, but it is always good to remember them.

I’m sure you already consider them in all your trips, but just in case, we’ll review some useful tips for any traveler or tourist. Do you take them all into account when planning a holiday? Let’s check them out.


Have an itinerary in place before the trip

First of all, unless the intention is to go on an adventure, you must have your travel itinerary planned before you start your trip. From the place of arrival to the city and airport of return, a clear plan of the days of the trip will save time and avoid wasting it on the way. As we said before, good planning will also allow for some improvisation without negatively affecting other aspects of the trip, such as spending more money than budgeted.


Get up early to make the most of each day

Secondly, it is best to get up early to make the most of each day of your trip, especially if you have to take the car, a bus or a train (especially on air travel days) to get from one place to another. Spending a couple of days in the same city or traveling to another nearby city is not the same as taking a route with transfers. Making the most of every hour of your trip can allow for more free time.


Avoid crowded tourist attractions

We continue with more tips to optimize your time traveling with this simple advice: try to avoid crowded tourist attractions, especially if you haven’t bought your ticket beforehand. This way you will avoid wasting a lot of time waiting that you could otherwise use. If your trip includes visiting tourist attractions, try to buy your ticket in advance and arrive early so you don’t have to wait in line for a long time.


Luggage management and transport timetables

The fourth tip for optimizing your travel time is twofold: on the one hand, manage your luggage with foresight, prepare it the evening before if you are going to make a transfer during the next day. Take a smaller bag or backpack with what you need when preparing day-trips. Alternatively, if you’re not returning to the same place, take everything with you. And for trips with multiple legs, check timetables so that you wait as little as possible.


Hire an organized tour

Ultimately, to maximize your time while traveling, we recommend the option of hiring an organized tour, such as the group holidays to Slovakia that we at Total Slovakia organize. This way, you are guaranteed a perfectly organized trip to the most beautiful places with a personalized sightseeing experience from start to finish.


As you have seen, optimizing your time when traveling is not really complicated, you just have to plan ahead and organize it as much as possible. So enjoy your next holiday to the fullest at all times, with a budget adjusted to you and without the feeling of having wasted time and not having been able to see and do everything you had planned.