When it comes to traveling, there are two main approaches that depend on the type of person you are. Some people prefer to improvise, buy a flight and see what to do at the destination when they arrive. And others think about how to plan a trip from start to finish, with some time for relaxation and improvisation, but more ordered and planned.

For this second type of traveler, those who prefer a more orderly approach, we want to talk about tips for planning a trip in 5 steps. Beyond ideas on how to plan a travel budget, which is a topic for another article, at Total Slovakia we want to help you as experts in unique travel experiences.

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How to plan your trip: 5 easy steps

Now, we will explain how to plan a trip in an orderly fashion; in 5 steps. We will have a look  at the most important aspects to take into account for a relaxing holiday in which you can enjoy the trip and not worry about it!

1.- Choosing your destination

There are many countries you want to visit, of this there is no doubt. Therefore, the first step is to choose the destination. You may have a specific country or city in mind because you like it, because a friend has recommended it or because you have seen it advertised on social networks. Whatever the case – and strange as it may sound – the destination will be the starting point for planning your next holiday.

An important first step is narrowing down the choices. Do you you want rural or urban tourism, the beach or the mountains, in your country or abroad (how about a trip to Slovakia, a treasure in the center of Europe with a lot of history?) Once you have chosen your destination, ask yourself what is the best time of the year to visit, what are the most important tourist attractions and places, the weather and the safety of the place.


 2.- Duration of the trip

Secondly, how long is the trip going to last? Three days is not the same as a week or a fortnight? Depending on the length of time, you may have to consider booking accommodation in one city or in several. If you are going to need to moving around the region you are visiting, you will need to consider additional expenses for the plane, train or car journeys from one place to another,

In the process of planning, you should take into account potential changes in the weather or how temperatures could vary in different locations. Not to mention planning enough time to visit each place and considering the time and types of transport needed to reach those places – unless you rent a car, which can give greater freedom.


3.- Booking tickets and accommodation

 If you are planning to travel to more than one city, the third step in planning a successful holiday is, booking all the necessary tickets and accommodation. The first thing to think about are round trip airline tickets (which cities will you be flying to and from during your holiday?)

This is very important because planning a trip requires you to be certain of the destinations where you have to stay and to check the refund policies in case of cancellations. It is already recommended to purchase travel insurance with good coverage. The more places you visit on your own – if you don’t book a closed tour like Total Slovakia’s tailor-made experiences in Slovakia – the more tickets you will have to book and factor into your budget.


 4.- Planning activities

The fourth of the five steps to planning a trip is to organize the activities you are going to do in tourist destinations. Are you going to visit museums, do a guided tour or just improvise once you arrive? Whichever you choose, keep in mind that many visits cost money. In addition, just as you have to book accommodation, you may also have to reserve a place at a monument – and sometimes well in advance.

Planning your travel budget should include the cost of the activities you want to do, including meals (if you don’t have full board at your accommodation or, even if you do, you prefer to eat out all the time. In this case, a minimum board will be sufficient.)


 5.- Pack your suitcases with everything you need

Finally, the fifth and last step is to pack your suitcases with everything you need. We are not only talking about the right clothes for the climate of the destination, mobile phone chargers, medicine if you have to take them, etc… And don’t’ forget a valid passport

If you are looking for an authentic connection with the place you are going, remember that you can research the local customs, the history or whatever else you are curious about in advance.

Now you have a better idea of how to plan a trip in five easy steps! And so it’s time to get down to work, organize your trip and enjoy it to the fullest.